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get_higher_rankingsSearch Engine Optimization (SEO)
Get Higher Rankings

Gone are the days of flipping through the Yellow Pages to find a business, these days everyone is searching online for information. Most Internet users use Google to search -- according to the latest ComScore statistics, over 65 percent use it to find information. If a business website cannot be found easily on search engines, particularly Google, a company is virtually invisible to consumers. Utilizing search engine optimization otherwise known as SEO should be an essential part of a company's online marketing program.

get_seen_onlineWebsite Creation Services
Get Seen Online

The Internet offers multiple ways for you to market your business. With our website creation services, you can get ranked on major search engines. You can also pay to advertise on sponsored sections of the major search engines and on various websites that offer content that is complimentary to your service; this is commonly referred to as SEM or search engine marketing. Click Here to learn more. 

grow_your_businessVertically Focused Online Lead Generation
Grow Your Business

Today’s local businesses must start building inbound marketing strategies. Online lead generation or inbound marketing is where companies focus on being searched by potential customers online, instead of searching for potential customers. The investment with inbound marketing strategies represents a fraction of the financial outlay of outbound approaches such as TV, billboard, magazine and newspaper advertisements. Businesses with limited budgets can produce far greater results, and have a higher marketing ROI (return on investment), by adopting an aggressive online campaign predicated on producing qualified leads.

get_competitiveSearch Engine Marketing (SEM)
Get Competitive

Many local business owners don't realize that the Internet offers some of the most effective local marketing tools available. Two of the best methods for promoting a local business website are search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC). A well-crafted combination of SEM/PPC for your local business website can send it into the stratosphere of search engine success.

If you are thinking that online marketing for your local business is a scattershot approach, think again. Recent web technology allows businesses to reach an international audience around the globe or just in certain geographic areas. You can even target your marketing just to searchers in your own nearby locale. It is called geo-tracking and it makes SEM and PPC more effective than ever for local businesses.

 Social Media Solutions
 Connect with Customers and Prospects

Everyone is "going social" these days, including your business customers and prospects.  Figuring out how to best leverage social media channels such as your company's blog, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter and, more importantly, how to coordinate messaging across these channels is a challenge.  Marathon Marketing Services' Social Media offering takes the guesswork out of these critical channels and essentially allows you to add a social media expert to your staff.  We work with you to determine the right frequency, messaging plan and strategy.  Once determined, our team implements your plan and makes sure that these channels are performing at their very best.


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