Route Optimization Software


As an integrated module available with our industry-leading office management software, Marathon Data Systems offers sophisticated route optimization solutions to help our customers save money through increased efficiency and reduced drive time.

Optimize With Ease

We provide route optimization solutions for the pest management, lawn and landscape, heating, air conditioning and plumbing, maid service and carpet cleaning service industries, among others. Our route optimization software allows companies to optimize existing service orders and schedule new jobs, while respecting constraints such as time windows and locked service appointments.

Route Your Resources in Real Time

Find the Best Fit

Marathon Data Systems’ route optimization solution allows field service companies to find the best time slot for a new job through its Best Fit feature. While a CSR or Dispatcher has a customer on the phone, the Best Fit feature can be used to identify the best days and times for the job, based on already scheduled services. The employee can confirm the time slot with the customer and schedule the job, all in about a minute without needing to click around to multiple screens.

Plan Drivers’ Days Efficiently

The Daily Planner feature contains proprietary OptiFIT Technology, which allows CSR’s and Dispatchers to optimize each driver’s day as efficiently as possible. Additional stops can also be added without having to pull in additional resources.

Multi-Day Scheduling

One click takes all of the appointments for a chosen time period and schedules them all in the most efficient way, all while respecting constraints like technician skills, business hours, lunch breaks and locked appointments.

Dynamic Route Redistribution

Quickly adjust schedules without tapping into additional resources if a driver or tech takes some time off. Schedules can be compressed as your business grows to avoid having to hire new drivers or technicians frequently.

Our route optimization solution is fully integrated, eliminating the need to export work to another system or import optimized routes back in.

Utilizing an integrated route optimization solution can:

  • Improve Dispatcher Productivity by automating the routing process

  • Reduce Fuel Cost by creating tighter, better optimized routes

  • Improve Customer Service by allowing for quick scheduling of add-on jobs without disrupting existing services

Want to know how Marathon Data's Route Optimization Solutions can help your business? Contact us below to get started.

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