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In addition to our office management solutions, Marathon Data Systems provides field force automation solutions, such as an integrated GPS vehicle tracking software. This solution was designed for companies in the pest management, lawn service, heating, air conditioning and plumbing, and janitorial, maid and carpet cleaning service fields, among others.

Reduce Costs and Improve Efficiency

The field service industry has been experiencing a large increase fleet operating costs as a result of rapidly rising fuel costs and the state of the current economy. Studies have shown that companies utilizing GPS in their fleets have experienced both significant cost reductions and improved employee productivity.

Simplify With One Solution

Marathon Data Systems’ GPS Vehicle Tracking solution goes one step further than standalone GPS systems. We integrate our GPS functionality into our industry-leading office management software, allowing companies to simplify operations by accessing one application to manage all of their service operations.

By tightly integrating GPS vehicle tracking with our office management software, we allow users to see services scheduled within their office management system on a fully functional GPS map, along with the current location of technicians.

  • Track vehicles in real time
  • Monitor truck usage and deliver alerts via text message or email to managers for aggressive driving, usage of the vehicle after hours, usage of the vehicle outside geographically defined areas and excessive idling among other trigger options
  • Reduce insurance premiums
  • Get robust reporting to show any discrepancies between the scheduled routes and actual GPS routes

Compatible with Trusted Garmin Devices

Our GPS vehicle tracking system is fully compatible with Garmin devices, allowing companies who install Garmin units in their vehicles to send new appointments directly from their office management software to their technician’s GPS device.

When coupled with our integrated route optimization software, companies can see further improvements in the efficiency of their service routes and the quality and accuracy of their data.

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