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Increase your business’s profitability with route optimization software that will:

  • Allow you to serve more orders with fewer resources

  • Help you spend less time planning routes

  • Provide your customers with more accurate arrival times

Eliminate the time spent on planning and routing your vehicles with Viamente Route Planner

Viamente Gets Your Business on the Road Faster. Viamente route optimization software offers an intuitive user interface that allows you to:

  • Reduce driving time, fuel costs and mileage

  • Utilize less drivers while adding more stops

  • Plan optimized routes and re-routes in minutes

  • Provide customers with more accurate delivery times

  • Sync with GPS systems to more effectively track and dispatch orders

Quickly establish routes for multiple drivers and easily schedule last minute orders. Plus, Viamente will create routes that maximize the number of orders completed per day, while minimizing the required number of drivers. The result? Increased productivity – and profitability.

How Does Viamente Work? It’s not Only about Proximity

Viamente configures routes with a proprietary algorithm that has advanced functionality, giving it the ability to handle multiple constraints. This means that the optimized route will not only take proximity into account, but also load capacity, your clients’ required time windows, work load balances, employee breaks and stop times.

Simply put - Viamente makes routing and scheduling optimization easy. Get better mobile workforce productivity with no stress, no effort and less fuel.

“The Viamente Route Planner software has provided superior results in dense urban environments as compared to other route optimization software packages.

The Viamente management team has been very responsive to enhancement requests and support service. We look forward to working together to make each of our companies more successful.”

- Paul Bugenstein, Exel

Want to learn how Marathon Data's Viamente route optimization software can increase your Transportation & Logistics Company's productivity? Contact us below to get started.

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