Business Management Software

Need an intuitive, cloud-based application to streamline your business processes?

Marathon Data’s software solutions drive efficiency and solve the emerging needs of companies with a mobile workforce.

Smartphone Apps for Sales and Service

Want to go paperless while improving service consistency?

Marathon Mobile allows field workers to access their work anywhere and sync data back to the office software, creating a seamless, paperless process.

Route Planning

Want to save money and improve service at the same time?

Marathon’s proprietary algorithms allow you to create optimal long-range plans in minutes, reallocate resources in a single click and optimize schedule placement of new appointments in seconds.

Fleet Insight & Analytics

Want to improve fleet safety and increase visibility into asset usage at the same time?

Marathon’s fully integrated GPS and Driver Behavior solutions provide real-time insight into your mobile workforce. Produce route comparison reports, driver scorecards and monitor asset usage anytime, anywhere.

Solutions for Transportation & Logistics

A proprietary solution for routing & scheduling that is intuitive, cloud-based, and equipped with a robust API.


Viamente Optimize

Solutions for the Field Service Industry

Powerful business management and mobile workforce solutions for all field service companies.




What Marathon Does

Marathon Data Systems’ cloud-based business management platform provides operational intelligence and support to drive efficiency and solve the emerging needs of companies with a mobile workforce. This intuitive, open platform speeds implementation with tailored business processes for verticals within field services and transportation and logistics.


What Our Customers Say

"As our food delivery service has grown, Viamente has become an invaluable partner. What used to be a several-hour routing process now takes far less time, and last-minute changes are so easy to incorporate! The system is clear, flexible, user-friendly, and can expand as we do. Customer service is always responsive, friendly and helpful, and we look forward to continuing our relationship with Viamente in the coming years!"

"The Viamente Route Planner software has provided superior results in dense urban environments as compared to other route optimization software packages. The ease of use, web hosted flexibility and optimization results has made the Viamente Route Planner an important optimization tool within my team’s portfolio. The Viamente management team has been very responsive to enhancement requests and support service. We look forward to working together to make each of our companies more successful."

"We have been a customer of Marathon for over 20 years now. As a window cleaning company, we needed a system that worked easily and seamlessly with our vast database of customers and routing needs. All of our customer's information, history notes, invoices, service etc... is right at our fingertips. For routing out jobs, scheduling, generating work orders, invoices, Routepoint does everything we could ask for and more! Additionally, the staff at Marathon have helped to customize the software to perform for us as a window cleaning company, vs pest control. I have looked at multiple software packages catering to "window cleaning" and none come close to what Routepoint offers. It is user friendly, so all of my staff can learn it quickly. I would (and have) recommended Routepoint to anyone!"

"Our company began using PestPac 18 months ago for some national commercial accounts that we service. When our commercial techs started talking about the product, I had all of our techs asking to use it for their routes. We are beginning to move all of our accounts in that direction. Its a great product and will make us money."

"I am really grateful that we have Pest Pac. As a small business owner it's often difficult to find time to do all the things I need to do. With Pest Pac I have been able to cut my office work time in half. I am amazed how much the routing options cut down my prep time. I can't believe I ever did it the old manual way. If you’re a small business owner who is not sure you can afford it or are not sure you can figure out a system like this I would tell you that you absolutely can. The time and money this saves is unbelievable. Take the leap and let Marathon change how you do business and get back your time."

"We were using several different programs to meet our scheduling, billing and document storage needs. PestPac has allowed us to consolidate everything into one program and has allowed our office to become more efficient and organized. The PestPac Customer Service is OUTSTANDING! You can count on a fast response and quick resolution."

"We have been using ServiceCEO for the past 5 years and absolutely love it. It is a very robust system and allows us to forecast and plan. Anytime we call customer support we have great results!"

"Service CEO has completely changed the way we run our service department for the better. Instead of chasing our tails trying to make schedules that work, we can schedule faster with dramatically more efficient drive times. This has turned our service department into a profit center!"

"This software has helped my company transition to paperless. We are not completely paperless yet, but 90% there. The appointment calendar is a huge help! Before we were using a doctor's office appointment scheduler book that was very big and had to be handwritten on. I love all multiple reports that can be brought up as well. Allows me to track things individually and is very useful! If there is ever an issue, the people at tech support have always been so nice and helpful. Would definitely recommend them."